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By Sang Yup Lee, Jin Hwan Park (auth.), Christoph Wittmann, Rainer Krull (eds.)

-Integration of structures Biology with Bioprocess Engineering: L-Threonine construction by way of platforms Metabolic Engineering of Escherichia Coli, by means of Sang Yup Lee and Jin Hwan Park; -Analysis and Engineering of Metabolic Pathway Fluxes in Corynebacterium glutamicum, by way of Christoph Wittmann; -Systems Biology of commercial Microorganisms, Marta Papini, Margarita Salazar, and Jens Nielsen; -De Novo Metabolic Engineering and the Promise of man-made DNA, via Daniel Klein-Marcuschamer, Vikramaditya G. Yadav, Adel Ghaderi, and Gregory N. Stephanopoulos; -Systems Biology of Recombinant Protein construction in Bacillus megaterium, Rebekka Biedendieck, Boyke Bunk, Tobias Fürich, Ezequiel Franco-Lara, Martina Jahn, and Dieter Jahn; -Extending man made Routes for Oligosaccharides via Enzyme, Substrate and response Engineering; via Jürgen Seibel, Hans-Joachim Jördening, and Klaus Buchholz; -Regeneration of Nicotinamide Coenzymes: rules and functions for the Synthesis of Chiral Compounds; via Andrea Weckbecker, Harald Gröger, and Werner Hummel;

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