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By Lyne Jossé, Lin Zhang, C Mark Smales (auth.), Niall Barron (eds.)

Focused manuscript at the strength use/role of miRNAs in bioprocessing, particularly the creation of advanced proteins in mammalian cells. With that during brain I suggest a draft record of topics/chapters alongside the next traces: Intro on CHO/bioprocessing/engineering demanding situations to set scene, Genomic association, biogenesis and mode of motion, deciding upon miRNA ambitions: Computational prediction, transcriptomics, proteomices, UTR research, etc., miRNA expression in chinese language Hamster Ovary cells, miRNAs as engineering ambitions: pathway manipulation to affect bioprocess phenotypes, miRNAs as biomarkers, Detection tools: Northern, PCR, hybridization arrays, subsequent Gen Seq, Manipulation of expression in cultured cells: Transient/stable disregulation, Knockout.

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