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By Jan J. Rybczyński, Michael R. Davey, Anna Mikula

This publication, the second one of 2 volumes at the Gentianaceae, is dedicated to points of biotechnology and their functions. It contains 18 chapters and covers micropropagation through organogenesis or somatic embryogenesis, and unmarried phone manipulation of varied species belonging to the horticultural genera Blakstonia, Centaurium, Gentiana, Gentianalla and Swertia. additionally, the appliance of somatic cellphone hybridization, haploidization and genetic version bobbing up from tissue and organ tradition for the construction of crops with new horticultural characteristics, resembling new flower shades or sizes, or with distinctive pharmaceutical values, is handled intimately. additionally mentioned are molecular markers that facilitate breeding and cultivar identity, the protection of genetic assets by way of cryopreservation, the postharvest body structure of lower Gentian flora and potted crops, and diverse analytical tools for the overview of Gentians as assets of secondary metabolites, equivalent to xanthones and flavonoids, secoiridoids and C-glucoflavonoids, and their confident affects on human health.

This quantity in addition to the spouse e-book The Gentianaceae – quantity 1: Characterization and Ecology will function key reference works for scientists and scholars within the fields of botany, plant breeding, biotechnology and horticulture, in addition to expert gardeners.

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